Cross Border Cooperation Mechanism in the Field of Social Assistance at multi-regional level Romania-Bulgaria


Romania and Bulgaria share many common challenges and opportunities derived from the current level of economic and social development ad the status of EU members. The project partners are the central public administration institutions (and deconcentrated bodies), reponsible with implementing two important components of the social security policy in the two countries: managing the social benefit payments and  controlling the social service providers. This common role brings common challenges and needs that are better addressed in cross border cooperation.

The project addresses the need for an efficient and coordinated system of social security.

The project objective is to increase the cooperation capacity and efficiency of the Romanian Agency for Payments and Social Inspection (ANPIS), through its cross border decentralised bodies, and of the Bulgarian Agency for Social Assistance in the field of social policy, in a CBC context.

The objective will be met through a series of cooperation activities as follows:

  • Comparative study Romania-Bulgaria regarding the regulatory framework and needs analysis for cooperation in the social security field;
  • Developing by CBC of 2 public policies, one for each country, regarding the areas of benefits management and social inspection;
  • Capacity building for the border area deconcentrated bodies of the two institutions, staff of mayor’s offices and NGOs regarding the new policy;
  • Inter-institutional agreement and implementation of an online information exchange tool.

Due to the project employees of territorial structures from 7 counties of Romania and 8 districts of Bulgaria will benefit from cross border mechanisms developed by CBC, that will increase their efficiency and impact positively on the lives of cross border communities.